Who Is CineSys Design?




    CineSys Design is Richard Jackson, who is, well´┐Ż me. (hey, I can only talk in the third person for so long!) My career in broadcasting has included engineering positions with television facilities, radio stations, and professional audio/video equipment manufacturers (see Resume for full listing). I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science, and have worked on analog, digital, audio, video, hardware, and software projects (see Projects). I hold 16 U.S. patents in video equipment hardware and software design (see Patents).

    My strength as a design engineer comes from having worked "both sides of the fence" - as a manufacturer and a user. Today's video industry is a complicated mixture of tradition, practices, and standards - many of which exist only because of technical issues from the past (why do we have equalizing pulses in the vertical interval...?). If you have a video product targeted at a new market separate from traditional broadcast, you may be free to invent new rules. But if you intend to sell your product to the existing broadcast or production industries, you need to understand what makes good products play well with one another.

    I love doing engineering design for the video industry! I still think it is thrilling to see a special effect I've worked on go out over the air to millions of people, or to know that "my" equipment made an important broadcast or video production possible. I believe that, as a communications medium, video is still maturing and still has a lot to offer our society.

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